The Name: Wazzy

It seem’s only fitting that my first post would be how the name Wazzy came to be. So, sit down, strap in, and enjoy the journey.

At a very young age I played lacrosse. Just as everyone else did in my family. Thanks to my oldest brother Tom, the trend setter. Well with my last name being Walter’s, it wasn’t long before a coach called me Wally. Then another called me “Wally Gator like the cartoon.” He said. It came with no surprise to me as I was not the original Wally nor would I be the last. I am pretty sure everyone of my brothers was a Wally at some point. Daniel is still a Wally to this day as well.

Since 4th grade or so my lacrosse friends always called me Wally. Everyone else in the world typically still called me Marc. Yet that would change sophomore year of high school. In one of my classes, I believe History of some sort, one of the kids who wanted to be a “cool kid”. Learned I had a nickname of Wally. When the teacher was taking names on the first day, he asked if anyone prefers to be called anything different, let him know. When my name was called the kid who just learned my nickname, shouted out “call him Wally that’s his name.” The teacher looked at me and simply said “Wally, okay then.” He didn’t even give me any say in the matter but I didn’t care. From that point on everyone in high school called me Wally. Even people I didn’t know. I’d often respond quicker to Wally then Marc but I still flinched when teachers would say “mark your papers” while I was in la la land.

Wally became so dominant for me that my Senior year in a entrepreneur class a long time friend asked me, “Wally what’s your real name?” I looked at him and said “Seriously? You’ve known me since like 4th grade.” He was one of my lacrosse friends from way back in the day. “I know I always called you Wally, though.” I’m pretty sure he was just high and having a brain fart but when I told him my name was “Marc” he looked dumbfounded, “Marc?” He questioned. “That sounds wrong.”

So there’s my story on how Wally came to be but how about this Wazzy? When and why did the L’s turn into Z’s?

This happened back in I dont know 2009? Well my nickname was still in full swing and I raced motocross. I had some left over Iron-On numbers and letters for the back of my Jersey. I called up my best friend Earl and ask him, should I put Walter’s or Wally on the back of my Jersey? He quickly stated Wally. But I was in a pickle. I only had 1 L left. Hmm. I had a plan. I had 2 Z’s and I could cut the Z’s to look like L’s. It will work great. So I cut them. Then I laid them out. Oh that doesnt look good. I’ll have to put them on an arch to try and make them look right. I though and went ahead with it.

One of the first few rides out with my new jersey on a friend kept shouting something out towards me. I turned and it was my good friend Aaron Eakin. What are you calling me? I asked. He said it again. Wazzy! I stared at him confused. “Wazzy!” He said again. “Its on the back of your jersey.” Then I realized my plan to cut the Z’s did not work at all. Thus Wazzy was born.

Wally was still my dominate nickname and still is compared to Wazzy but Wazzy is still alive and his full name became Wazzy Moto. Like Quasimodo. But to add a Japanese anime twist it became Motoha.

So there you have it folks, that’s how Wazzy Motoha came to be. Tune in next nickname day for how Sally came to be.


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